Wednesday, July 27, 2005

That Sultanov...

This entry is also posted on 3rd July, very early timing in Japan. This person is an amature cellist. Some of Mr.Sultanov's photos are including in the article, so I strongly recommend you access to the following site, even though you do not understand Japanese.

In this entry, he mentioned that Alexei Sultanov is not a type of his preference, however he could not help being lost in admiration with his great and brilliant technique.

He thinks it is too young to passed away in age 35. It is such an irony that Mr. Sultanov was so energetic person to play martial arts but finally got paralized unfortunately. He was so shocked to hear the news and devastated.

This person has an experience of hearting his hands and had a time when he could not play the instruments, so he can understand the feeling of Mr.Sultanov, a little.

He once saw him on TV right after the 95's Chopin competition, and still remember the Mr.Sultanov's expression after he heard the result. Because his performance was overwhelming and all the audience were for him. A lot of Japanese fans gather to see him, when he came to Japan. This author also had a chance to go to his concert. The program was two concerto of Chopin and Tchaikovsky. He was with full of energy. He is kind a small person, but his touch is so strong and it was great! It is not a rare issue to play two concertos in a day, but he really enjoyed Alexei's Brillian concertos! The encore was the 3rd movement of Prokofiev's Sonata No.7. It was also great!

Some of his video picture were also impressive. His original passage that use 3rd melody in Chopin's Fantasie-Impromptu is exactly the Sultanov style. He snapped the string while playing the Scriabin's Sonata No.5, but he was just natural. He was so impressive.

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