Friday, July 22, 2005

News of Alexei Sultanov's Death

Today, I introduce Shiho-san(a.k.a Shipporin-san) to you. She is a teacher of the piano working in Kyoto prefecture.

She reported this sad news with Mr.Sultanov's picture, and introduce his career, for example about his win at Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. He also let them know about his stroke he had in 2001.

She mentioned that it must be so tough for a pianist to have a paralyzed hand, and have difficulty to play the piano. But she praised Mr.Sultanov that he was so patient to have tough rehabilitation with his dedicated wife. She was happy to hear that Mr.Sultanov had recovered as he could play three hands piano piece with his wife. So this sudden news makes her depressed. Unbeliavable...

She also introduced his last recording "Alexei Sultanov Live in Riga", which is created by Japanese fans, and is available domestic in Japan. In this CD, there are Liszt's Piano sonata and some of Horowitz's transcriptions. She mentioned that Mr.Sultanov played with great energy, vitality and surprising outstanding techniques. This CD is her treasure.

Now he is far from this world, but his music is just beside us, forever and ever.
May his soul rest in piece, and she will continuously listen and watch his performance.

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