Monday, July 18, 2005

Memory of Alexei (1)

In Japan, we are talking about some memorial goods of Alexei using weblog system. They are all written in Japanese. So I will try to introduce all the entries in English here.

The first one is my own entry.

My treasure is his autograph which he did on my music books.
Here is the picture of those autographs.

I got the left one on 4th, March 1999 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Place when he played Chopin's piano sonata No.3. I play the piano a little, however Chopin's piano sonata is too difficult for me. Anyway this autograph is my treasure forever.
And the right one with "Thanks a lot" is the one I got on 18th March 1999 also at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Place. He played both of Rachmaninov and Prokofiev's No.2 concertos at the same night. He was very kind to add "Thanks a lot" because he knew that I followed him on around Japan on this tour. Those are not only my treasure but also a historical property in the musical world.

He was always very king to have a autograph session after his concert. Hundreds and hundreds of his fan got lined, but he was very kind with smile.

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