Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Deepest sorrow

This is a blog entry of Mio-san. She knew Sultanov when she was just a junior high school student. She wrote this sorrow on her weblog.

She loved Alexei Sultanov so much, and can not believe it, does not know how to express her feeling.
She first met Alexei when she was a junior high and this meeting changed her approach toward the piano totally different. She got to know a lot of people because of Alexei's music. ( I guess one of the people might be me)

It is great sorry that he had passed away, since she was delighted to hear the news of his acquiring American nationality and playing 3 hands pieces with his wife, Dace.

Finally, she is encouraging all the Japanese fans to send memorable cards.

Additionaly, she responsed in comment section that it is our mission to talk Alexei's memories, and also to support Dace. His performance was so nice and she was encouraged with his music for many times.

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