Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Memorial Service for Sultanov

Motoko-san(a.k.a. Fiori-san) as I mentioned repeatedly in this blog, wrote a summary of what is reported in the Start-Telegram article about his Memorial Service in Japanese.


She summarized the article about his Memorial Service. The place, the people who attend the ceremony, what was on the screen, and Van Cliburn's messages are mentioned in the article.

In Japan, there are two CDs, "Fantasie-Impromptu" and "Sultanov plays Chopin" which were available from Japan Arts. Both CDs are now difficult to get but those are definitely great. You still have a possibility to get it if you contact to Japan Arts directly.
She also mentioned that we supporters should buy some of his recordings to be some economical support for Alexei's families.

Finally, the flowers we (including Motoko-san and myself) Japanese fans sent to Dace, were welcomed by Dace and she was so happy with it. Actually the flower was her choice. You can see the photo of the flower.

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