Monday, July 25, 2005

From the day...

Mio-san, I mentioned earlier, wrote another entry 10 days after she heard the news of this sorrow.

At first, she wants to do something for Alexei, and add few links of his CD on her weblog.
She wants to attend the memorial campaign which we Japanese are doing, introducing each person's memorial goods related Alexei, however she does not have them near her now because she put them at her parent's house. But two things, the autograph she got on the CD "Sultanov Plays Chopin", and the photos which she took at the autograph session at Tower Record on 5th March, 1999.

At that time, she was just 9th grands student. It is a big issue to a junior-high student to go to a concert, she asked her parents to take her, and fortunately she could be at one of his solo recital held at Tokyo Metropolitan art space on 4th March, 1999.
On that day, she met him, give him folowers, shake hands, have a little conversation, and could listen to his great performance. That was really the happiest moment for her.

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