Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mr.Sultanov has passed away

Maruta-san wrote this sad news on the blog.

This entry also reports the sadness. Maruta-san has one Rachmaninov CD of Mr.Sultanov. In the article, it is said that this CD is the favorite and it is often listened. Mr.Sultanov was still young at that time, so Maruta-san expected his brilliant future, but Maruta-san soon heard about his illness. In the meantime Mr. Sultanov was so hard on rehabilitation. Maruta-san used to say to him "Hang in there!", but finally heard this sad news...

His 2nd movement of Rachmaninov's Piano Sonata is the favorite. It is a little jazzy and cool. But now Maruta-san is too sad to listen to this CD...

May he rest in peace.

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