Wednesday, July 13, 2005

About this Weblog

This weblog is created and written by a faithful Japanese supporter of Alexei Sultanov. To begin with, Dace Sultanov, Alexei's devoted partner wants to collect a lot of stories related his memory. In Japan, it is sometimes tough for us to write those memories in English, however we have a good culture to describe each person's opinion using weblog. There are a lot of weblog articles which describes some of his memories, so I just try to introduce those articles, as well as my memories about Alexei Sutlanov.

Alexei Sultanov was loved by supporters all over the world who know the pleasure of music well. He is especially famous in Japan and also in Poland. For a long time, I had just a small community of his fan limited in Japan, but fortunately I met a faithful Polish supporter of Mr. Sultanov, Marta Polanska last year. She is a great supporter of him and I got a lot of good influence, so I would like to say my great thanks before I start this blog.

There are also many Japanese supporters. I will try to introduce them, while I am introducing Japanese article.

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