Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Memorial to Mr.Sultanov

This is the first entry of Kassy-san's weblog about Mr. Sultanov's passed away.

She was just busy for those days to manage the concert that she is planning. In the meantime, she got to know this sad news and came to write this sad news in her weblog page.


She mentioned that she must say special thanks to Mr. Sultanov that he gave us a chance to listen those invaluable performance. The rehabilitation must be very tough but she hopes that he can now freely relax.

She kindly mentioned about writing cards to the Sultanovs. She introduced my homepage how to write a card, and also encourage all the fan that she already finished writing and sent it.

She also mentioned about the original CD "Live in Riga" which is available only in Japan.
She finished her article that she was listening to Alexei's CD all day with tears.

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