Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hoshi no Alexei

Translating the title into English is a little difficult, so I put the original Japanese title. I think it can be say "The star's Alexei" or "Alexei of/at the star". But I think there is some possibility that this author used the Japanese translated title of the famous book "The little prince/Le petit prince"
Anyway, Today I will introduce you this entry.

This article was posted on 2nd July, so this person caught this news in the early timing and kindly wrote it on the blog. The author of this blog is not my acquaiace, it is described thatthis person is a Japanese pianist studying in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.

In this entry, this person mentioned about Alexei's golden career, about the competition, and illness, nationality. This person had rare chances to listen to Mr. Sultanov's performance, but have remembered that it appears very difficult to play like his Fantasie-Impromptu with adding some notes to make the melody in third.

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