Thursday, July 21, 2005

Magic Piano

I am in the middle of introducing all of you the weblog articles written in Japanese, but I must just stop it today, and instead of that, I have to introduce the great web site.
Here is the site.

This web site is created by Marta Polanska in Poland. As I mentioned earlier, she is one of the most faithful supporter of him in the world. In this site, there are so many information about him, his career, competition history, links, CDs, and lots more.
Please have a try to access this site, remember the greatness of Alexei, and try to write your own memories about Alexei, which you found while attending his concerts, listening to his recordings, or anything else. You can write it on his guestbook, or just write it in E-mail to Dace.
Thank you for your cooperation.

I will soon continuously update this page.

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