Wednesday, August 10, 2005


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Recently we often have a chance to see the pianist Izumi Tateno on Japanese medias. He is a pianist who also had stroke and had paralysis on his right hand, but came back as a pianist using his left hand. When this author hear about the news of Izumi Tateno, she can not help remembering the other pianist, of course Alexei Sultanov.

When she thinks about Alexei Sultanov, she first remember about Beethoven's Apaasionate Sonata which Mr.Sultanov played in Japan, 1996. At the final movement, she was so surprised because he started it in extremely fast tempo. She was wondering if Mr.Sultanov could reach the goal with starting such fast tempo, but he did without applying the brake. If she find the word something means for the performance, it must be "demoniac(in Japanese way)", but anyway it is the Sultanov's style.

The contrast was in his "Fantasie Impromptu" of Chopin. When a pianist play this piece, it is a big probrem for them which to choose the edition. But that was nothing to Mr.Sultanov because he made his own style, that is to say, choosing edition is not such important issue for him.
When he played this piece, the speed is not so fast, the sound is not so strong. Not so fast, not so strong, she thinks Chopin must be delighted with this interpretation. There are so many pianist in the world who played this piece, but this blog author said she loves Mr.Sultanov's.

At the Chopin competition in 1995, he got a second prize as the highest rank. She was in Warsaw at that time as an audience. It was her dream to be at Chopin Competition for these 10 years since she was a junior-high student. So that was a memorable trip for her, and Mr.Sultanov was the big memory of that.

She heard a recording of Rachmaninov's piano concerto No.2 performed by Alexei Sultanov, and always wanted to listen at a concert.

In the meantime, she happened to know Mr.Sultanov's illness four years ago.

It was her pleasure to know that Mr.Sultanov started playing the piano again with his right hand. It is a touching story that his wife plays his left hand part. And seeing the comeback of Izumi Tateno, she believed that Mr.Sultanov must come back to Japan in some day...

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