Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Mr.Sultanov is also mentioned in this blog.

This author, Matuszynska-san said Alexei Sultanov is not always her favorite for Chopin or Rachmaninov, but she knew that it is sure that Alexei Sultanov is a great pianist. In many ways, he is really sincerely a great musician.

Mr.Sultanov once had a stroke few years ago, and was in the middle of tough and intensive rehabilitation. It is a heart-wretching story for the author to imagine Mr.Sultanov's internal struggle which must be impossible to express in words. For a musician, performing music itself is equal to "living", like breathing, walking and laughing. This means that being unable to play, or losing the means of playing music is virtually an issue to losing some organs which need to have to live. So is that possible to fully recover from these situation?
It could be impossible to fully recover from this situation. It is sometimes very cruel to live in the real world. We must live on the earth while we have the life.

Mr.Sultanov attracts his audience with perfect technique and strong touch. He must want to play more, and live more. But everybody remeber his brave life with fighting against the hardest test in the world. It is also this author's bitterness to think about his wife and parents...

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