Saturday, August 06, 2005


A well know pianist internationally, Urara Sasaki described about his loss in her blog.

This entry basically mentioned about her care as a pianist. She is a very diligent pianist, and sometimes she practice the piano too much to hurt her arm.
However, she found how she is happy that she can live and play the piano to hear the news the Alexei had passed away. She now found that there are some people who can not live, who can not play the pianist against for their will. We never know this when we are healthy. So she express her great appreciation that she can play as a concert pianist in those great numbers of pianists.
Now Mr.Sultanov can play the piano to his heart's content on heaven. It was really tough for him to fight againt the illness, but now he is free all of these bondage.
With deepest condelence.

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