Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Favorite Chopin

This author, jumper-san mentioned about some recommendable recordings.

This entry recommends Mr.Sultanov's Nocturne No.13 of Chopin as it says we might have a nosebleed with excitement. This Nocturne is one of the track of "Fantasie Impromptu" which is a live recording of his tour in Japan. It is said that Nocturne No.2 is famous with excellent melody, but No.13 is also great. This author loves No.13 and tried to listened lots of recordings, and found the greatest one is Mr.Sultanov's performance. This performance is really extremely great!

The theme starts quietly, then the music changes like a choral in church. After the part, the variation of theme starts like a thunderstorm.

This author mentioned that Mr.Sultanov's performance is extremely great at this variation.

This author tried to practice this piece and finally played at a concert, although it could not be like Mr.Sultanov's performance.
At the end of this entry, the author finished his article with saying "There are lots of recordings of Nocturne, but the most recommendable one is Alexei Sultanov's".

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