Sunday, August 07, 2005

As a memorial to Alexei Sultanov

Guchinsky-san, who is a pianist studying in Paris, wrote his sorrow on his blog.

At first he mentioned that he really respect this pianist, Alexei Sultanov. Mr. Sultanov was just 35 year old. It's too early to go...

In Japan there was a plan to release his CD, which Dace Sultanov kindly gave us. And with a lot of people's help, the CD was finally avaibable on the market. This is a live recording in Riga including Liszt's piano sonata and pieces of Horowitz's transcription. Guchinsky-san also attended this project. While he was in the project, he had chances to see lots of his pictures, know lots of episode which Mrs. Sultanov provided us. Throughout this project, he felt Mr.Sultanov much closer than before. So he thinks that it must be good to be able to release the CD in the time he was alive. This CD really expresses the greatness of Mr.Sultanov and Guchinsky-san hopes this CD would be a legendary CD.

He first got to know Mr.Sultanov's performance when he won at Van Cliburn. Guchinsky-san listened to his Chopin's piano sonata on the radio. And fortunately, he could be also at some of the concerts in Japan.
The speciality of his performance is making the audience addicted to his music. His energy to try to cross the limitation which he showed on his performance , must be the same when he fought against the illness. It is his sincere sorry that the toughness Mr.Sultanov had after he got the illness, he can not play the piano even though he wanted.
Since Guchinsky-san is a pinist, he can not help being grateful for the issue that he is healthy and can play the piano. Ane let's send cards to his family!


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