Thursday, August 11, 2005

Alexei Sultanov has passed away.

In this diary page, the author hrkntr-san wrote this news with comparing some of the recordings of Rachmaninov's Piano concerto No.2 of London symphony orchestra.

The author says Rachmaninov's piano sonata is much better than piano concerto as he listened to Mr.Sultanov's recording. While listening to these discs, the author happened to look into Mr.Sultanov's condition and found that he had passed away just while ago. It was a real shock for him to know this sad news. The author just had an image for him that he is sort of a naughty boy. So this news, Mr.Sultanov fought against terrible illness for a long year and finally passed away at the age of 35, made the author shocked. He felt some strange fatality that this author happened to buy his CD on the day of his memorial ceremony, 5th June.
The author says that he could not still understand what Mr.Sultanov tried to express on his Rachmaninov's piano concerto, but he mentionted that he will try to listen again with serious ears.

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